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Inspired by the primitive Atari game Touch Me (1974), Ralph Baer designed for the Milton-Bradley company (1978) a circular game console that turned on lights and made sounds that the player had to repeat in the same sequence that the game delivered, pressing big colored keys.


The essence of the game centered on the player's ability to retain the light sequence in memory.  

You dare?

Programmed by

photo gonza-20.png

Gonzalo Hernandez

Year: 2022

Arduino teacher 

Multimedia Bachelor Student.

explanation simon-07.png

Step 1: Wait

Wait for it to show us a color

buttons_Work table 1 copy.png

Step 2: Identify and press

If a color appears at the top of the Matrix, then we must press the button above.

explanation simon-07.png

Step 3: Repetition

What you pressed will be repeated. 

explanation simon-07.png
explanation simon-09.png

Step 4: 

A new color will be added

explanation simon-08.png

Loser Screen

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